Keeping you in the driver's seat on the road to value-based care

Your autonomy and independence are critical to your future success and satisfaction. But when your practice is moving at break-neck speed down the road to value-based care, you need a partner to help you spot the potholes, and stay in control, along the way. You need a partner that recognizes the unique challenges of running a Black or Brown-owned practice in an atmosphere of value-based reimbursement.

As a CINQCARE Practice member, you can put your energy into providing the highest quality patient care and outcomes, and do so in a way that maintains your independence as a provider.


CINQCARE is a provider-led, minority-owned network of primary care providers focused on keeping its members in control of their practice while navigating the complexities of change in the industry. We’ve established a successful track record of supporting our network of predominantly Black and Brown primary care providers. We are a minority-owned, provider-led organization comprised of Physicians, Nurse Practitioners and Physicians Assistants, committed to the success of our provider partners and ensuring their autonomy in a value-based care environment.

Our Approach

We empower Providers to address the unmet needs of the Family Members they serve; both our model of care and our financial approach are designed with a value-based system of care in mind.

Our clinical approach and our process for addressing the non-clinical needs of providers is designed to enhance cultural competency and align treatments so that the latest scientific evidence on differences in treatment based on race and ethnicity are being followed.

Helping your Practice thrive includes:

CINQCARE assumes the financial risk associated with value-based care payor agreements while supporting your practice so you can participate in the upside of these agreements. 

You can negotiate better contracts with health plans and insurers, allowing you to receive higher reimbursement rates for services. This can help improve your revenue and financial stability.

We provide you with access to various resources, such as technology, administrative support, and educational opportunities. This can help you run your practice more efficiently and effectively.

By working together, our members can share best practices, coordinate care, and develop clinical protocols that promote better patient outcomes. This can lead to improved patient satisfaction and better health outcomes.

Partner Testimonials

Dr. Wilfred Herard, MD (CEO, Proactive Care IPA) and Ms. Deborah Forbes (VP of Operations, Doral Health and Wellness) share their experiences as partners of CINQCARE.

The Value of Membership

CINQCARE is a Black owned, minority led healthcare organization, featuring world class professionals with expertise across continents managing ambulatory delivery systems, coupled with value-based principals.

  • Focused on collaborating with Black and Brown providers to achieve health equity
  • We are the first risk bearing national IPA focused on Black and Brown providers serving the underserved
  • We embrace the latest science on treatments that address racial diversity
  • Economic development and reinvestment in the communities we serve
  • Shared Savings opportunities for IPA participants with no requirement for downside risk
  • Successful track record of implementation of full risk total cost of care contracts with payers and CMS
  • Our managed care workflows are designed to support providers
    through an interdisciplinary team to integrate care across the
    health care continuum, while keeping the patient connected to
    their provider
  • Managing data from a variety of sources to support the
    development and modification of plans of care and measuring
    quality and outcomes
  • Supplement provider resources for the highest risk patients
  • Use of AI to identify opportunities to engage patients
  • Providers and patients are supported with the Care Where You Live
    Program (e.g., transportation, nutrition, housing, etc.)
  • Providers and patients are supported through the Care at Home
    Program (e.g., skilled nursing, remote patient monitoring,
    telehealth, etc.)
  • Collaborative local grassroots marketing strategies to support practice growth and retention
  • Aggressive payer partnerships and practice acquisition opportunities to provide enhanced compensation

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